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HALC has a close and longterm relationship with a small group of very talented and respected landscape designers and architects to help you achieve the garden/ landscape you desire.

For masonry HALC's skilled crew will often install much of what is called for in a landscape installation.  When needed we subcontract with masons and carpenters that we are familiar with and who know our requirements for quality.  By doing this we are able to provide our clients with a most complete service.

HALC has a skilled full time crew that handles all aspects of landscape installation.  This includes but is not limited to; clearing/demo of existing landscape, renovating the soil,  planting, irrigation systems,  low voltage lighting, sod, seed, synthetic grass, water features, basic hardscape and carpentry, garden paths of stone, gravel, D.G.  or various other materials.

At HALC we pride ourselves on our Maintenance division.  Our aim is to provide a fully comprehensive exterior service.  Our service includes but is not limited to; lawn care and general maintenance,  hand pruning of plant material, feeding,  pest control using natural products,  regular irrigation & lighting maintenance including seasonal programing adjustments,  drainage maintenance and much more.  Our crews are fully trained and headed by an experienced,  skilled,  english speaking crew leader.  All jobs are overseen by our supervisor who has over 25 years of international horticultural experience. 

Is our specialty.  We have been installing water efficient irrigation  systems since inception,  and were one of the few landscape contracting companies embracing drip irrigation since the early 90's.  All irrigation systems are installed with the latest water conserving materials and design concepts in mind.

Similar to irrigation we have been installing state of the art energy conserving low voltage lighting for over 20 years.  Aesthetics,  energy conservation,  and cost are all factored into designing and installing a high quality outdoor lighting system for the customer.

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